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Before & Aftercare Advice

Massage aftercare: 

  • It is normal to have some redness and you may ache in areas that have been worked on.

  • Flushing of toxins can cause clients to have a headache after treatment so drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol for the next 24 hours.

  • Avoid heavy meals immediately after treatment as it may make you feel bloated and sluggish and reduce the benefits of the massage.

  • Try not to do any strenuous exercise after your treatment as your body will be in a relaxed state.

  • Try  to leave  massage oil on your skin for up to 12 - 24 hours after the treatment to ensure that your skin will gain the full benefits.

  • Exfoliate the skin at least twice a week to remove dead skin cells on the body which will help improve skin tone.

  • After exfoliating you should apply a cream or oil to help keep your skin nourished.

Hair Removal - waxing

Preparing for your hair removal treatment

  • Let hair grow for approximately four weeks between treatments - please do not shave in between.

  • Wear loose clothing & avoid using moisturisers on day of treatment.


Hair removal  after care treatment

Please avoid the following for a 24 hour period after waxing:

  • Heat treatments or friction to skin including steam rooms and saunas or wearing tight clothing 

  • Applying perfumed products, deodorants, sprays moisturisers, fake tan, make up or body lotions 

  • Swimming in chlorinated water 

  • Exercise ( On areas that will cause friction such as legs & bikini line

  • Massaging the area 

The skin often  goes a little red after treatment. This should disappear within 1 hour. If the redness still persists after an hour, apply a cold compress to the area.

Homecare advice
Starting a few days after your appointment, gently scrub the skin 3 times a week using an exfoliating mitt and moisturise well. This will help prevent ingrown hairs.

Facial aftercare advice

After a Facial Treatment:

  • Do not apply make up for up to 12 hours after the treatment to allow the skin to fully absorb the products used during your facial and allow time for  skin to ‘breathe’. 

  • Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol (these are dehydrating to the skin, making the skin dry and dull)

  • Drink plenty of water (1.5 - 2 litres a day) to help rid the body of toxins giving you a healthy glow. 

  • Try to avoid the sun immediately after your treatment . The top layer of dead skin cells will have been removed in your treatment  making your skin  sensitive to sunlight. 

  • Aim to double-cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin twice a day .

  • Exfoliate and apply a mask twice a week to  improve your complex

All of the side effects are usually minor and will usually pass within 24 hours . If these effects continue, beyond 24 hours  become worse or cause you concern please contact your GP.

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