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Specialised Massage

After 11 years of working with young people with Special Educational Needs, I decided to add massage and beauty therapy to my  skill set.

This has enabled me to provide tailored Indian Head Massage techniques and Story Massage to help young people and adults SEN  or anxiety to relax, refocus and find a safe space to develop  self calming strategies that can be used in their everyday life. I also provide massage tailored to people with Dementia in care settings.

A single visit can include massage treatments for a number of clients and rates may vary. Please contact me for more information on costs.

SEN Indian Head Massage 

Massage head of young person with autism.jpg

Bespoke seated massage that helps to improve the wellbeing and learning of young people and adults with Special Educational Needs.

People with SEN can often become anxious and stressed in a variety of environments including the classroom, home and new settings. This increased tension can impact on sleep patterns, increase stress and anxiety levels and lead to low self esteem.

SEN Indian Head massage is a bespoke clothed massage which can be performed using hand cream and/or essential oil, depending on the client's individual needs.

It may take time for the client to get used to the massage be it the change in routine, the new style of contact, and the length of time they need to sit. Over time, clients are often able to sit for the entire 30 minute massage sessions.

Lack of human touch is very common, leading to feelings of isolation, anxiety, poor trust, insecurity and decreased sensory awareness. 

Person centred therapeutic touch and massage can provide  enormous benefits to people living with dementia, often providing increased comfort and connection to their lives.

Since touching the hands is so familiar, hand massage in particular may be gladly accepted by elders living with dementia, often reducing cortisol levels ( stress hormone) and can increase serotonin levels which can subdue anxiety and regulate mood. 

Massage tailored for people living with Dementia

Holding Hands

Story Massage

Circle black story massage logo.jpg

Story Massage combines the benefits of agreed positive touch and consists of ten simple massage strokes that  can be used in different ways throughout different Story Massage sessions. 


The  strokes are used on any body area (clients remain clothed) that is appropriate for the client, e.g. shoulders, back, arms, head, face, legs, hands and feet. Story Massage can  be used with any story, rhyme or song and can be personalised to meet the individual needs of the client. 

Our hands and feet work hard for us everyday, and can benefit from regular massage as it improves circulation, reduces tension, stimulates muscles and often eases pain. 

Massage sessions can be tailored for hands, feet or a combination of both in a seated position in most settings, providing an easily accessible, and enjoyable treatment.


Hand and feet massage group sessions

Hand Massage
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