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Workplace Wellbeing


Benefits that seated massage in the workplace offer:

  • Seated massage is short but effective 

  • Treatment can be carried out in a small room

  • No mess as no oil is used and treatments are carried out over clothing

  • Improved concentration and increased productivity through energising and uplifting massage

  • Can reduce and helps prevent muscular pain such as stress headaches, RSI and neck shoulder and back ache.

  • Improved staff morale

Seated massage, Workplace Massage, Relax and Refine, Wellbeing

Massage can improve the health of your team.

The calming and relaxing benefits of massage can help to  reduce stress levels and sickness days occurring within your company.

Sleep will be of a  better quality which means improved concentration and attention spans at work. Sleeping well also means workers have a reduced risk of health complaints that are associated with a lack of sleep. This means less time off work for your staff and therefore less expenses incurred through agency usage.

Repetitive Strain Injury occurs in many work places and often affects the shoulders and neck. It is caused by over using muscles and tendons repeatedly over a period of time. Massage to the neck and shoulders can prevent problems building up in the hands and arms

Please email us if you have any further questions or would like to book this service for your company.

Please email any queries and I will be able to answer and provide prices.​​

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